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Message from the Chair: WDS 2012 Organising Committee

Melt LoubserIt is with great pleasure that the South African Committee of the IDF invites you to Cape Town, where the 2012 annual World Dairy Summit will be hosted from 4 to 8 November 2012.

South Africa is a country of great diversity. Its landscape contrasts from the desert landscape of its West Coast and the Kalahari to the rainforest on the South and East Coast, from the winter rainfall fynbos in the South Western Cape through the semi-desert Great Karoo to the bushveld of the Northern borders, where the weather is renowned for its summer rains and thunderstorms.

The country is also renowned for its variety in population groups, religions, culinary experiences, languages and other attributes that comprise the 'Rainbow Nation'. Having the international dairy world present in South Africa certainly completes our theme for the summit as a World in one country.

South Africa has a well-developed, world-class agricultural and agro processing industry, of which the South African dairy sector is no exception. The dairy industry provides mostly for the needs of the local market and also exports different dairy products mainly to countries on the African continent.

The South African dairy industry plays an active role in the international dairy sector and has been a permanent member of the IDF for many years. We are therefore delighted to bring dairy industries from all over the world together to discuss topical issues such as sustainability, science and technology, nutrition and health, food safety, production, economics and marketing, to mention but a few.

Cape Town is one of the most visited cities on the continent and is renowned for its exquisite beauty, metropolitan lifestyle and the presentation of world-class events. As we prepare for the 2012 conference, we shall endeavour to exceed all expectations and host the best World Summit of the IDF ever.

Melt Loubser
President: South African National Committee of IDF (SANCIDF)

Welcome by the President of the International Dairy Federation

Richard DoyleI am very happy to invite you to our next IDF World Dairy Summit in South Africa, often called 'the rainbow country' as it is such a colourful and diverse nation. I have no doubt about how enjoyable and fruitful our visit to this beautiful and friendly country will be.

I am also convinced that the overall theme of the summit, World in one country, will inspire us during our stay. With its wide variety of farming systems, varied climate, diverse markets and vast range of cultures, South Africa will be a unique platform for sharing different experiences and practices. This will provide important new insights as we set about exploring the challenges ahead for the global dairy industry.

Drawing on its African setting, next year's programme will include several significant new features. There will be a conference devoted to dairy in emerging countries, focusing on the socio-economic benefits of dairying. Benefits for dairy processors will also not be overlooked. Food security, and particularly how the dairy industry can contribute, will play an important role in this summit, as this is a core issue in Africa and indeed across the globe. Animal health and welfare will also be part of the programme, with a particular focus on future challenges to control the spread of animal diseases.

In this unique learning environment, participants are guaranteed to take away a fresh outlook, new friends, contacts, resources and ideas that could make a huge difference in profitably managing their dairy business, activity or work.

Join us in this truly international dairy event and meet dairy leaders from around the world coming together to seek new ways of increasing cooperation in order to further the value of dairy products, ingredients and knowledge, and working towards meeting the needs of tomorrow's consumers.

If you want insight into the South African dairy sector and to be given the opportunity to share different practices, this is the event to take part in!

I look forward to wide-ranging and fruitful discussions with you.

Richard Doyle
IDF President

Welcome by the Premier of the Western Cape: Helen Zille

Helen ZilleOn behalf of the Western Cape Government, I warmly welcome you to the International Dairy Federation (IDF) World Dairy Summit and Exhibition 2012.

I would like to thank the IDF for choosing Cape Town and our beautiful province as your summit venue. The Western Cape is becoming known as a major business tourism destination, partly due to international summits and exhibitions like yours, which will attract around 800 delegates from 70 international countries to our province.

The province's dairy industry is worth over R2 billion, which makes the Western Cape the biggest milk-producing region in the country. As a result, the dairy industry is a major provider of food and job opportunities and also supports many other farming enterprises, such as agricultural mechanisation, in the province. However, the industry is facing numerous challenges, the low producer price of milk in particular, which has resulted in low profit margins and has forced some dairy farmers to leave the industry over the last while. As a result, the industry is continuously searching for ways in which to increase yields, while at the same time reduce input costs.

It is clear that government needs to work with farmers, the private sector and other strategic partners to develop innovative solutions and policies to address this situation.

I therefore welcome this summit, as it will provide the platform for government, world dairy leaders, businesses and multinational operations from developed and developing countries to network and have important discussions on issues affecting the dairy industry, including the latest developments in the green economy, technological advances, food safety and hygiene, nutrition and health, animal health and welfare and dairy economics.

I hope that the deliberations here assist us in finding new and efficient ways to support and develop the dairy industry and I wish all delegates a stimulating and constructive engagement.

Helen Zille
Premier of the Western Cape


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